Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are bug reporting and counting useful activities?

There are some in our profession (SVT/QA) that feel that counting bugs is somehow a waste of time. They instead favor a more ad-hoc method for working through issues/bugs found during the PDLC and addressing those issues even before they get documented. The consensus among them is that, why document it if it already happened? Ha! This is the same camp that claims to follow the scientific method of designing experiments or tests!

As far as bug counts go, my view is that if bugs are going to be counted for a purpose then that purpose has to be defined. I am NOT of the camp that believes that we can do without bug reports; simply because we need these reports to do our work. Just like scientists document their work, we document our work. How else are we going to turn this "craft", as some folks in the aforementioned camp call it, into a Profession? One step at a time that's how. Bug reports is just one of those steps.

Yes, you can get all philosophical and start asking questions about why and how bug reports or how and why count them, but at the end of the day we're building a product; even if you're knee deep in software development "arts", that masterpiece is still going be a part of a greater system that make it [masterpiece] a "Product". This "product" was engineered, designed and planned ahead of time (not necessarily in that order); no matter what methodology was used to develop it [product]. This implies research has to be performed and notes compared.

Yes you can also argue that you do not need this information because it already happened its in the past and its over and done with. Sure, if you want to think like that, I'm certain there is a place in the testing world for you. In my camp, there is no place for you. :) and IMO my product will be better than your product in the following criteria:

1. Customer Acceptance (no changes after ship)
2. Usability
3. Install, Setup, Configuration
4. Customer Returns
5. Much better 2.0 version of the product

This product does not have to be SW or HW, BTW; I'm talking about any product. Anybody from the "no bugs" report/counts camp up for the challenge? 

Comment to challenge :)

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