Sunday, March 10, 2013

Squishrunner error: Runner exited with value -1

I am currently involved in the implementation of a keyword based framework that will be used to verify an application currently being developed, against requirements initially, for regression detection later.

The below issue I encountered and thought I share my findings with the hopes of saving others valuable time.

1. When you launch your AUT (Application Under Test) you observe that it launches the app and then close the app and the following Squish pop up is displayed:

2. As well the following entries are displayed in the "Runner/Server Log" window:
S: DLLPreload (89640001): FindEntryPoint: The parameter is incorrect.
S: DLLPreload (89640001): done
R: Runner exited with value -1
This can be caused by, according to Froglogic and verified by me, 32 bit / 64 bit mixup. For example attempting to automate (control) a 64 bit application with the 32 bit version of Squish will yield the above error. As well, the converse is true, attempting to control (automate) a 32 bit application with the 64 bit version of Squish will yield the above error.

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  1. I have also ran into the error when trying to attach to a Qt application that uses statically linked libraries (i.e. QtCore).


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