Saturday, October 24, 2015

Test Cases - Some Benefits Derived

On numerous occasions I've been involved in discussions regarding test cases with other folks involved in a software development life cycle where the overall accepted sentiment is that when all test cases are "executed" we are done testing; or testing has not been done unless test cases have been executed.

Unfortunately for our field, I've often found myself alone in trying to show that just because you executed 100 test cases does not necessarily mean that you did any testing at all. You could have, but this depends on the person executing the test cases and whether they understand test cases and how to use them in testing.

The below presentation I gave at a former employer that had a huge catalog of test cases with detailed steps and was still struggling with product quality. They were hesitant, however, to accept that they weren't really testing when purely executing the test cases. Mainly because they feared that all the effort that went into the creation and maintenance of the test cases would be wasted.

In the session I explained to them how they can actually use these test cases to get the maximum return on your investment in the creation of these artifacts. Test cases, since they are designed by subject matter experts, contain all the information that most real world users of your product will need to perform the very same functions; and since they contain detailed steps, are suitable for many applications.

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